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Level II soft armor panels are a must-have for any individual who needs affordable protection against handgun threats. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes, including vests, backpacks, messenger bags, and other items. They are made with imported p-Aramid fibers, and are manufactured in the United States. If you’re looking for affordable protection, check out AR500 Armor’s Rimelig Ballistic Plates.

Hybrid options are made of industry-leading materials, such as Honeywell Spectra Shield(r) and Gold Shield(TM). These products are thin and lightweight, weighing only 1.04 pounds. They can be easily concealed under clothing, and they offer protection against low-level threats. You don’t want to wear too much armor, as it will impede your mobility and increase your risk of injury during a hostile situation.

Soft body armor will protect you from sidearm rounds, but it is not as effective against 5.56 rounds. NIJ Level IIa body armor will protect you against handgun threats, while NIJ Level IIIa will provide you with protection against high-quality rifle rounds. However, the added weight will result in a heavier vest. For high-end ballistic solutions, you can use a combination of hard plate and soft armor. It is important to consider your needs before choosing a type of protective gear.

When choosing armor, you should look for protection from blunt trauma. A piece of soft body armor should resist the force of a bullet. Because of this, it should be durable and flexible enough to resist a range of different threats. This includes firearms, knives, and debris. You should also consider the type of protection you need. The best protection is against small objects and knives, while hard armor is more effective against larger weapons, such as rifle rounds.