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Level II soft armor panels are an excellent choice for protecting your body from handgun threats. They are inexpensive and can be worn in vests, backpacks, messenger bags, or backpacks. The Rimelig Ballistic Plate is made of imported p-Aramid Fibers that are designed, cut, and assembled in the USA. They offer superior protection for less than a thousand dollars. Read on for more details. Depending on the specific design, they can be worn on the legs, arms, and head.

Soft body armor is a popular option because it is light and flexible. Some types are stronger than steel plates, but they are not as bulky. As a result, they are typically worn underneath a uniform or as additional gear. This makes them perfect for hiking or mountain climbing. Some types even feature a shoulder strap. If you’re not sure which type of soft body armor is right for you, try a few of the options below.

While hard plate armor is the best choice for hiking and mountain climbing, soft body armor can be a good alternative. It can be lightweight and comfortable, and will not prevent you from performing strenuous activities. The only disadvantage of soft body armor is that it doesn’t protect your nipples, heart, or lungs. The majority of manufacturers only produce a few shapes, depending on their needs and the type of protection needed. For example, rectangular-shaped armor plates are the least mobile and offer the least mobility. For the sake of freedom of motion, SAPI-styled armor plates have their upper corners cut out, allowing for better range of motion.