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A TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is a heavy-duty, fast-deployable plate holder used by law enforcement agencies and other special forces units. This product has four adjustable shoulder straps and a belt clip for maximum mobility. Despite its simplicity, this plate holder provides top-notch functionality, safety, and protection. Below are some of the advantages of the TACTOP. All of them make this carrier a must-have piece of military gear.

A TACTOP PLATE CARRIER can be purchased in both pistol and rifle models. It has seven hard armor pouches, allowing the user to store up to seven different types of hard armor. In addition to plates, a TACTOP plate carrier can also hold magazines or other accessories. A TactOP plate carrier can be attached to a backpack or utility belt for easy transfer of gear from one side to another. It’s also light, making it an excellent choice for a prone position.

Another major benefit of a TACTOP Plate Carrier is its ease of use and comfort. The carrier’s nylon sleeve makes it highly breathable and padded for comfort. It holds up to seven M.O.L.L. plates, which means it’s suitable for various types of bikers. While a woman’s body is more prone to pain, a TACTOP Plate Carrier can make the plate more comfortable for her.

The TACTOP Plate Carrier was designed specifically with women’s comfort in mind. It is lightweight, resists pressure, and is resistant to high temperatures. When paired with a chest rig or extension, it can be used as a back brace, hip pad, or a chest plate. The TactOP Plate Carrier is a versatile piece of equipment that’s perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re in the military or on the streets, the TactOP Plate Carrier is an excellent option for you.

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